We install your Pink Batts the way they should be, to achieve the maximum benefit from this fantastic energy saving insulation product. We can remove unwanted insulation, and replace with the clean and economical comfort of Pink Batts.

Pink Batts come with a lifetime warranty (certificate) on both the product and the installation of the insulation. This reassures you that it wont blow around, settle or deteriorate in time.

You will find batts laid in your ceiling space dramatically reduces the temperature in your home by cutting down on the radiated summer heat transferred from your roof space into the rooms below. During winter the same batts cut down on the heat escaping from heating appliances through the ceiling into the roof space.

Dirk Van Duyn also supplies Concertina Foil Batts that are great for in walls and under the floor. Concertina batts reflect 97% of heat in Summer trying to enter the building ( keeping it out of your roof cavity and not radiating heat into your house) and in Winter reflects 97% trying to escape (so keeps in the house to keep you warm).