Attic Ladders

Clear the clutter and create more space in your home.

Store the Christmas decorations and the camping gear or those items you just cant let go. The capacity for storage in your attic can be greater than many garden sheds and potentially more secure so take advantage of this area already existing in your house.

Suitable for most ceiling heights an attic ladder from Hiding Stairways offers a simple storage solution by providing easy access to the attic area and folds away after use. They are sturdy and easy to use. Hiding Stairways latest models from Europe are superbly finished and would add value to any home.

They all come with easy to follow installation instructions and are suited to the and home handyman.

Browse our range of Attic Ladders.

  • Standard
  • Economy
  • Deluxe
  • Aluminum

Standard Attic Ladder

Our standard model is manufactured by one of the largest producers of loft ladders in Europe. A safe, sturdy product built to the highest quality. The door panels are finished in white trim and insulated, sealed and secure when closed. Feel free to contact Dirk Van Duyn for further information.



  • Ideal for the frequent user
  • Designed for safe and easy access to upstairs room or attic space
  • Grooved treads for traction
  • Insulated door panel
  • For the DIY enthusiast, completely assembled ready to install with instructions
  • Extension available for ceilings between 2.7m and 3.0m

Size of casing

580mm x 1180mm

Floor to ceiling measurement Price

Up to 2700mm


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